Huebrix 1.4

Brain-teasing block-based puzzle game


  • More than 400 puzzles
  • Original concept
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Poor sound

Very good

Huebrix Free is a free puzzle game for Android which will test your visual, spacial and logical problem-solving skills.

Each level in Huebrix consists of paths which you need to fill with certatin colors. Ther faster you complete each level, the greater the chance you have of winning the gold award for that level. There are more than 400 levels in the in this full version of the game, and over 100 in the free version of Huebrix.

Huebrix starts relatively simply: there are four squares, three of which are white and one is blue. The blue one has a number which signifies the available spaces on the grid you can move it into. The goal is to fill all the white squares with colors. Hold the blue square and drag it to create a path from it which you'll use to fill the white squares.

The difficulty increases in Huebrix as multiple colored squares appear, along with different limits on the number of available spaces. The complexity is multiplied by the addition of obstacles that define the way you have to draw paths.

Although Huebrix lacks any elaborate 3D graphics, the presentation of the puzzles is need and there's enough color there to make it easy on the eye. The sound could be improved though by the addition of more SFX and music.

Huebrix is an original puzzle game which is addictive to play and makes for a great brain workout.



Huebrix 1.4

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